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January 21, 2010

GNS (Oracle 11R2)

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1. One of the new features of 11gR2 is Grid Plug and Play, also called GPnP.

2. Oracle Clusterware enables a dynamic grid infrastructure through the self-management of the
network requirements for the cluster.

3. The key enablers for GPnP are GNS and DHCP. All of the requirements for a Grid Infrastructure

4. To implement GNS, you must collaborate with network administrator to obtain an IP address on
the public network for the GNS VIP.


5. DNS uses the GNS VIP to forward requests to the cluster to GNS.

6. The network administrator must delegate a subdomain in the network to the cluster.
The subdomain forwards all requests for addresses in the subdomain to the GNS VIP.

7. GNS and the GNS VIP run on one node in the cluster. The GNS daemon listens, using default port 53,
on this address for incoming requests

8. If the server on which GNS is running fails, then Oracle Clusterware fails GNS over, along with
the GNS VIP, to another node in the cluster.

9. while grid installation option Grid plus and play inmformation. please enter following information.

Configure GNS

GNS Sub-Domain:
GNS vIP address:

Note : cluster name is cluster
SCAN name :
SCANport : 1521


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