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February 3, 2010

ASM Metadata

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Header strcuture name

Total AU



Disk Header, Free Space Table, Allocation Table



Partner Status Table



File Directory



Disk Directory



Active Change Directory



Continuing Operations Directory



Template Directory



Alias Directory


Physical Metadata

  • Disk Header
  • Allocation Table (AT)
  • Free Space Table (FST)
  • Partnership Status Table (PST)

Virtual Metadata

  • File Directory
  • Disk Directory
  • Active Change Directory (ACD)
  • Continuing Operations Directory (COD)
  • Template Directory
  • Alias Directory
  • Attribute Directory
  • Staleness Directory
  • Staleness Registry

AMDU Utility

amdu -diskstring ‘/dev/loop1’ -dump data

                Disk Path: /dev/loop1
           Unique Disk ID:
               Disk Label:
     Physical Sector Size: 512 bytes
                Disk Size: 1024 megabytes
               Group Name: DATA
                Disk Name: ASMDISK01
       Failure Group Name: ASMDISK01
              Disk Number: 0
            Header Status: 3
       Disk Creation Time: 2006/05/28 21:18:31.940000
          Last Mount Time: 2006/05/28 21:18:42.206000
    Compatibility Version: 0x0a100000
         Disk Sector Size: 512 bytes
         Disk size in AUs: 1024 AUs
         Group Redundancy: 1
      Metadata Block Size: 4096 bytes
                  AU Size: 1048576 bytes
                   Stride: 113792 AUs
      Group Creation Time: 2006/05/28 21:18:31.678000
  File 1 Block 1 location: AU 2

AU Metadata

N0001 D0000 R00 A00000000 F00000000 I0 E00000000 U00 C00256 S0001 B0000000000
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000001 F00000000 I0 E00000000 U00 C00256 S0001 B0001048576
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000002 F00000001 I0 E00000000 U00 C00256 S0001 B0002097152
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000003 F00000002 I0 E00000000 U00 C00256 S0001 B0003145728
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000004 F00000003 I0 E00000000 U00 C00256 S0001 B0004194304
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000005 F00000003 I0 E00000001 U00 C00256 S0001 B0005242880
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000006 F00000003 I0 E00000002 U00 C00256 S0001 B0006291456
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000007 F00000003 I0 E00000003 U00 C00256 S0001 B0007340032
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000008 F00000003 I0 E00000004 U00 C00256 S0001 B0008388608
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000009 F00000003 I0 E00000005 U00 C00256 S0001 B0009437184

N0001 D0000 R00 A00000035 F00000003 I0 E00000031 U00 C00256 S0001 B0036700160
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000036 F00000003 I0 E00000032 U00 C00256 S0001 B0037748736
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000037 F00000003 I0 E00000033 U00 C00256 S0001 B0038797312
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000038 F00000003 I0 E00000034 U00 C00256 S0001 B0039845888
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000039 F00000003 I0 E00000035 U00 C00256 S0001 B0040894464
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000040 F00000003 I0 E00000036 U00 C00256 S0001 B0041943040
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000041 F00000003 I0 E00000037 U00 C00256 S0001 B0042991616
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000042 F00000003 I0 E00000038 U00 C00256 S0001 B0044040192
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000043 F00000003 I0 E00000039 U00 C00256 S0001 B0045088768
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000044 F00000003 I0 E00000040 U00 C00256 S0001 B0046137344
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000045 F00000003 I0 E00000041 U00 C00256 S0001 B0047185920
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000046 F00000004 I0 E00000000 U00 C00000 S0001 B0048234496
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000047 F00000004 I0 E00000001 U00 C00000 S0001 B0048234496
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000048 F00000005 I0 E00000000 U00 C00256 S0001 B0048234496
N0001 D0000 R00 A00000049 F00000006 I0 E00000000 U00 C00256 S0001 B0049283072

amdu -diskstring ‘/dev/loop1’ -dump data

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